Your Complete Guide To Moving Home – What You Need To Know

Moving Home Can Be Stressful – Here Is Your Complete Guide


Selling Your Current Home


Here the choice is simple – find yourself a good estate agent who can help you get the best deal possible for your current home. The last thing you want is for your dream purchase to fall through because the sale on your property does not happen. Shop around and see who you are happiest with, Sure, the fees are important but many a deal has fallen through due to┬áthe use of a cheap online estate agent and the cost of a deal falling through can be high.


If you have sufficient money already then you could even consider renting out your property or, if you are still short of the deposit then you could consider re-mortgaging your current property and raising the capital to purchase the ongoing property. This can be tricky, however, so make sure that you seek the advice of an independent mortgage adviser.


Sorting out the legal Conveyancing


When it comes to the legal process of buying a house, the term used is conveyancing. Again, you need to be very careful about choosing the best and hopefully still cheap conveyancing solicitors. Choosing an online firm is not a problem as these can still be efficient but make sure that you check out their reputation or, if possible obtain a recommendation from somebody who has already used their services.


Choose The Right Property


It is essential that you choose the right property and ensure that you are not going to buy into a complete moneypit. Above all it is very important that you obtain a more comprehensive survey than the basic valuation.Not only will this give you peace of mind but it will also protect you against problems such as dry rot, damp, subsidence and other forms of property problems.


Get The Financing Right


Assuming you don;t have the cash to buy the property then you will need to sort out the right Mortgage. There is plenty of good quality free mortgage advice available as most mortgage advisers are paid by the lenders on completion of your mortgage so they should not have to charge you a fee but check with them first to ensure that you will not be charged


Get The Move Right


There’s no point getting your home, having sorted out the legals and financing, only to find that the move is a nightmare. Getting the best home removal firm is really important. At least if you are having problems, these pictures from The Huffington Post will make you feel better!

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