Cleaning Your Dirty Garage Floor

Garage maintenance and cleaning is not on every homeowners mind, but without it grime buildup can leave your garage in a very poor condition.

clean garage floor

Use these following tips to keep your garage from unneeded wear and tear, and to remove the chemicals, dirt, and stains that are keeping your garage in unwanted condition.

How to Remove Oil and Grease Stains from Concrete Garage Floors

All of the usual power equipment that you keep in your garage will lead to the occasional fluid leak, and there is no real way to minitage this. But you can fix this very easily, and it’s even better if you can get to the stains as soon as possible.

You should sprinkle absorbent powder of some kind, which includes common items such as sawdust or kitty litter, and leave the powder on the spill for at least half a day and then sweep it up afterwards.

After this,you can take any regular dish soap, leave it on the stain for around an hour or so, and then pour some nice, warm water and scrub with a coarse brush, being careful not to scuff up the concrete.

If there aren’t many results, allow the soap to sit for another 10 minutes and scrub again. Use a power jet if you have one to fully destroy the remaining stain.

If the stain is older than normal it may be more difficult to remove. You can try the above process a few times, and if you don’t see enough results feel free to buy a degreasing project at your local hardware store. Continue to scrub until desired results.

Removing Rust Stains from Concrete Garage Floors

Rust stains are also very likely to occur regularly in your garage. Any metal tools in your garage will evidently create a stain if they get wet and are left on the floor. To remove these stains, use a lemon or something with high acidity and pour it on the stain, letting the liquid stay for about 10 minutes.

Then you can use your coarse brush with warm water and scrub down the stain, repeating the last steps several times if there are still stains left.

You could also use a detergent that contains baking soda and mix it with water, leaving it on the stain for around an hour. Try to keep the paste wet and keep it from getting hardened. Scrub the stain with your brush and hose it down to your liking.

How to Remove Paint from Concrete Garage Floors

These are harder types of stains to get rid of, but if you follow these steps you should be able to get rid of them. You can first use a putty knife to get rid of the extra, loose paint and then sweep the area around the stain. Mix up a solution of TSP and water, while following the directions on the label and using hand protection.

You will then pour the solution on the stain and use your brush to get rid of the rest of the paint, rinsing it with water. You can then scrape up the remaining paint. For tougher stains you can use paint stripper.

Homemade Cleaning Solution

You can even create a DIY solution with baking soda and water to loosen grease and dirt, keeping your garage floor clean. You should use .5 cups of baking soda and a good amount of warm water. You can also mix in liquid soap to create a paste that can scrub the lighter stains.

All this being said, warm, soapy water is always a great options for weekly maintenance. Try mixing a ⅓ cup with laundry detergent with a gallon of warm water and scrub with a brush. Remember to always wash everything away with a high-powered stream of water, I love to use my power jet wand.

A garage is a place that is bound to have plenty of hard to clean stains. Making the extra effort to keep this room clean is very important to the overall safety of your family, the potential resale value of your house, and the beauty of your garage long term.